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We have been manufacturing barber and beauty tools for more than 30 years and have been addressing only the demand in our own country. But now we are looking forward to exporting our products and brand in the global market as well. Currently we are looking for distributors of barber tools starting in the UK and then expanding to other countries. What is the most effective approach to take in order to find the best distributors for our products?

  • Answer by Ann Stewart Zachwieja - Team Globig

    It will take some research and activity on your part to find the right distributors for your products. You don’t simply want to find distributors, you want to find those that will promote and support your product, have a good relationship with your mutual customers, and will also have a positive relationship with you. Based on the kinds of products you would like to sell and the distributor relationships you seek, you can build the right business associations for your company.

    Here are some of the steps that will help you get started in finding high quality distributors who are a good fit for your company. These steps work for finding distributors in other countries besides the UK, in case you decide to consider other expansion options. 

    1. Identify the important industry organizations for your products in the UK. Through these organizations, you can build relationships, get information, find referrals, and identify distributors who are aligned with your products and the way you do business. As you do your online search for good distributors, use the kinds of keywords in your search criteria that will bring you the best results: UK salon supplies, London salon supplies, United Kingdom barber supply distributors, UK beauty supply trade shows, barber supply associations. You will know best how to represent your business in these searches.

     2. Look for related products you’d like to be associated with that are at a similar quality level and focus on the distributors who carry those item. This will help you narrow your search.

    3. Contact the related associations and let them know you would like them to help you. They are promoting and supporting the industry, so should be able to give you assistance.

    4. Get introductions from organizations and associations to distributors. The more targeted you can be in your specific request, the easier it will be for them to help you. If done correctly, this activity is beneficial to everyone, so the organizations and associations are interested in promoting business.

    5. Once you have identified distributors with whom you’d like to do business, get a list of client references from them so you can vet them with their customers. Make sure they have the same level of customer support that you do so that they will represent your brand as you wish.

    6. In order to make this process as effective as possible, attend shows, get to know the market, meet distributor candidates, and look for those who will support and promote your product along with the others that they sell.

    Good luck with your global expansion!


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