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My business is expanding to Germany this coming summer, because I haven’t had any prior business dealings in Germany, I am working on an appropriate marketing campaign. I believe email marketing will be one of the more important tools I can use to reach new customers. Can I use purchased marketing lists in Germany?

  • Answer by Jessica Hoyt - Team Globig

    Germany has very strict email marketing laws. Under German law, one of the most important requirements of email marketing is consent. Consent of the recipient must be transparent, voluntary, conscious, unequivocal, express, and separate. Consent must be current and you are responsible for keeping detailed records of the explicit consent you have been given by your recipients. The exception to this explicit consent requirement is a current customer who has not complained about receiving your emails. Although it is not illegal to use purchased marketing lists, because of the strict consent requirement, it would be difficult and impractical to use a purchased marketing list in Germany.


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