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I am looking at expanding to Singapore and I see that Mandarin Chinese is the most common native language spoken there. Our native language is English and before I make the decision to expand to Singapore, I want to know if we would have to work in Mandarin. Can we use English in our service and communications in Singapore? Our product is B2C but we would have many B2B interactions.

  • Answer by Ann Stewart Zachwieja - Team Globig

    In Singapore, the language of business is English and most Singaporeans speak English very well. In fact, school children are all taught in English and it is the language that the Singapore government has designated to bridge the different cultures within the country. You should be fine conducting both your B2B and B2C business in English. Do note that Singapore uses British English versus American English, so the spelling of common words could be different. If you are targeting one of the ethnic segments of Singapore, you may find it useful or necessary to localize for language - to use the non-English language spoken by that group. While you can conduct B2B business in English, your B2C approach may need to change to increase your success. And be sure that you understand any product or marketing adjustments you’d need to make to fit into the Singapore culture.


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